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Elected Officials



   United States Senate

Senator Lindsay Graham lgraham.senate.gov/public/
Senator Tim Scott scott.senate.gov

   United States House of Representatives

Congressman Tom Rice rice.house.gov


   South Carolina Executive

Governor Henry McMaster www.governor.sc.gov/Governor McMaster
Lieutenant Governor, Kevin L. Bryant ltgov.sc.gov/
Secretary of State Mark Hammond www.scsos.com/
Treasurer Curtis Loftis www.treasurer.sc.gov/
Attorney General Alan Wilson http://www.scag.gov/
Comptroller General Richard Eckstrom www.cg.state.sc.us/
State Superintendent of Education Molly Spearman www.ed.sc.gov/
Commissioner of Agriculture Hugh E. Weathers https://agriculture.sc.gov/
Adjutant General Major General Bob Livingston www.scguard.com/leadership/major-general-robert-e-livingston-jr///

   South Carolina Senate


District 34 Senator Stephen Goldfinch www.scstatehouse.net/members/Stephen Goldfinch


District 32 Senator Ronnie Sabb www.scstatehouse.gov/member/Ronnie Sabb

   South Carolina House of Representatives


House Seat 108 Rep. Lee Hewitt www.scstatehouse.gov/member/Lee Hewitt


House Seat 103 Rep. Carl Anderson www.scstatehouse.gov/members/Carl Anderson


   Georgetown County Council


District 1  John Thomas www.georgetowncountysc.org/officials/John Thomas
District 2  Ron Charlton www.georgetowncountysc.org/officials/Ron Charlton
District 5  Austin Beard www.georgetowncountysc.org/officials/Austin Beard
District 6  Steve Goggans www.georgetowncountysc.org/officials/Steve Goggans


District 3  Everett Carolina www.georgetowncountysc.org/officials/Everett Carolina
District 4  Lillie Johnson www.georgetowncountysc.org/officials/Lillie Johnson
District 7  Johnny Morant www.georgetowncountysc.org/officials/Johnny Morant

   Georgetown City Council


Carol Jayroe www.cityofgeorgetownsc.com/Carol Jayroe


Brendon Barber, Mayor www.cityofgeorgetownsc.com/Brendon Barber/
Sheldon Butts www.cityofgeorgetownsc.com/Sheldon Butts
Al Joseph www.cityofgeorgetownsc.com/Al Joseph
Rudolf Bradley www.cityofgeorgetownsc.com/Rudolf Bradley
Clarence Smalls www.cityofgeorgetownsc.com/Clarence Smalls
Tupelo Humes www.cityofgeorgetownsc.com/Tupelo Humes

   Georgetown County School District Board of Education

At-Large  Jim Dumm www.gcsd.k12.sc.us/Jim Dumm
At Large  Johnny Wilson www.gcsd.k12.sc.us/leadership/board/Johnny Wilson
District 1  Sarah Elliott www.gcsd.k12.sc.us/leadership/board/Sarah Elliott
District 2  Pat DeLeone www.gcsd.k12.sc.us/leadership/board/Pat DeLeone
District 3  Sandra Johnson www.gcsd.k12.sc.us/leadership/board/Sandra Johnson
District 4  Randy Walker www.gcsd.k12.sc.us/leadership/board/Randy Walker
District 5  Elery Little www.gcsd.k12.sc.us/leadership/board/Elery Little
District 6  Richard Kerr www.gcsd.k12.sc.us/leadership/board/kerr.htm
District 7  Dr. Arthur Lance Jr www.gcsd.k12.sc.us/leadership/board/Arthur Lance

   Georgetown County


Sherriff  A. Lane Cribb www.gcsheriff.org/A. Lane Cribb
Probate Judge  Leigh Powers Boan www.georgetowncountysc.org/Leigh Powers Boan
County Auditor   Brian Shult www.georgetowncountysc.org/BrianShult
County Treasurer  Allison Peteet www.georgetowncountysc.org/Allison Peteet
Coroner  Kenneth Johnson www.georgetowncountysc.org/Kenneth Johnson


Clerk of Court  Alma White www.georgetowncountysc.org/Alma White